About us

About Us

Nanhe Farishte- an NGO was founded on November 20, 2012 by a group of like- minded philanthropists of Indore.

Today Nanhe Farishte Works As...

A Cancer Welfare foundation for Women & Children.

Our Aim

To make the society healthy by focusing on the physical & mental health of mothers & children in society.



The mission of Nanhe Farishte is to improve cancer diagnosis at early stage & treat children and women.


Nanhe Farishte Foundation is a joint effort. Our insignia indicates our intention to instil confidence, hope and courage in the minds of patients. Our aim is to spread the message that diagnosis of Cancer is not the end of the road. There's life after cancer and it is meaningful. The patients after treatment can be fit and ready to join the mainstream of life.

What We Do?

  • We provide them chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics and supportive treatments free of cost.
  • We also try to minimize their hospital charges and provide them free consultation.
  • We grant assistance for emotional and financial support throughout the duration of the long treatment periods.


  • By spreading awareness through outdoor promotion, electronic & print media.
  • Through lectures of renowned doctors, motivators and experts.
  • Urging people to take pledge & inspire everyone to help needy people in any form.