Activities 2014

We had organized an Anti-tobacco Campaign named Say No to Tobacco Tambakoo- "Abhi Nahin! Kabhi nahin!" for children powered by 94.3 MY FM. It was an initiative to encounter the growing menace of tobacco among the future generations of our country- the children

AIM OF EVENT (Say No Tobacco)

To make children aware about the harmful effects of tobacco in an interactive and interesting manner. Make them take an oath to stay away from tobacco now and even in future.

Childhood and adolescence is the right time to inculcate anti-tobacco thought among them, as these formative years will shape their thinking forever. The initiative has played its humble role in keeping the country's tomorrow safe from the deadly disease of cancer.


  • 7500 children from various schools of Indore
  • Escorting teachers & guardians


  • Musical performance by Debanjana Karmakar, Junior Indian Idol singer.
  • Motivational video.